Madison County, MS



November 20, 2017
5:00 p.m.



    1. Approve November 6, 2017 Board Minutes


      Amy Jo Vargo

      1. Gluckstadt Road



            CONSENT ITEMS:

            1. HR - Approve Personnel Matters
            2. CHLRK - Approve 16th Section Land Lease Contracts
            3. CA - Acknowledge Response of United States Postal Service - New Mode of Mail Delivery for Developers
            4. CA - Approve Justice Assistant Grant with Mississippi Department of Public Safety and Authorize Board President to Sign
            5. CA - Authorize Applying for $16,057.51 in Allocated Funds for Solid Waste Grants under the Local Solid Waste Assistance Grant Fund Administered by MDEQ
            6. CA - Authorize Applying for Competitive Funds under the Local Solid Waste Assistance Grant Fund Administered by MDEQ
            7. CA - Acknowledge Public Meeting / Reunion Parkway Phase III Project
            8. CA - Acknowledge Pafford EMS Request to Escrow 2017 EMSOF Grant Funds
            9. CA - Acknowledge Waste Management Advertisements of Holiday Garbage Pick up Schedule
            10. CA - Approve JAG Sub-grant Application Match Waiver and Authorize Board President to Sign
            11. CA - Approve Memorandum of Understanding Establishing Permissions and Guidelines for Use of Interoperability P25 700 MHz or Mutual-Aid Radio Channels and Authorize Board President to Sign
            12. CA - Approve Signature for Justice Assistant Grant and Authorize Board President to Sign
            13. CA - Approve Travel of Vance, Norman,Taylor and Wells to Tuscaloosa, AL to View 911 Systems Demonstration
            14. PC - Approve Request to Purchase 2018 Ford Transit Connect XL Mini Cargo Van by Building & Grounds Director Danny Lee
            15. PC - Approve 2017 November Travel Card Reconciliation Report and Authorize Payment of Same
            16. PC - Approve Request to Repair Siren in Constable Mike Brown's Vehicle
            17. PC - Approve November 2017 Procurement Card Reconciliation Report and Authorize Payment of Same.
            18. IT - Approve Quote for Support Renewal on the Domain Controller and the Application Server by Metrix Solutions
            19. IT- Approve Quote for Support Renewal for ITC Systems
            20. TA - Approve 2017 Real Property Increases Signed
            21. TA - 2017 Real Property Increases Various Years & Parcels
            22. TA - Approve 2017 Homestead Exemptions Deletions
            23. TA - 2017 Real Property Increases Unsigned
            24. TA - Approve Request by The Love and Unity Church of God for Tax Exempt Status for the 2018 Tax Roll on three Parcels / 093D-20B-152, 093D-20B-153/02.00, 093D-20B-173
            25. P&Z - Acknowledge Building Inspector Clinton Davis's Letter of Resignation
            26. SO - Approval of Tag Purchase(s) - Sheriff's Department See Attachment Notes
            27. COMP - Approval of Schedule F - End of Year Inventory Report and Authorize Filing with the Office of State Auditor
            28. RD - Approve cSpire Utility Permits / Sulphur Springs Road / Loring Road
            29. B&G - Approve Application for Payment #2, Flagstar Construction Company and Authorize Payment Therof
            30. B&G - Acknowledge Asbestos Bulk Sampling for Madison County Emergency Mangement Service Complex by Earthcon


              BUSINESS ITEMS:

                Dan Gaillett, County Road Manager / County Engineer

                1. Re-Coverage Permit / Sulphur Springs Road
                2. Camden Lake of Caroline, Phases 1, 2 and 3
                3. Request for Acquisition Payment / Stribling Road Intersection at Catlett Road
                4. Status of County Bridges

                  Danny Lee, Building & Grounds Director

                  1. Approve Change Order #1 Flagstar Construction, Courtroom/Admin Renovation
                  2. Approve Change Order # 1, Paramout Construction, Cupola Repair

                    Shelton Vance, County Administrator

                      Buddy Voelkel, Comptroller

                      1. Approve Budget Amendments / November 20, 2017
                      2. Approve General Claims Docket / November 8, 2017
                      3. Approve Payroll Docket 1 / November 3, 2017
                      4. Approve Payroll Docket 2 / November 13, 2017
                      5. Approve Payroll Docket 3 / November 14, 2017
                      6. Approve Planning and Zoning Commission Per diem
                      7. Approve Fleetcor Claims Docket / November 17, 2017
                      8. Approval of Poll Worker Payments
                      9. Declare Property as Surplus and Authorize Disposal
                      10. Approve District Attorney Request for License Tag/Decal Renewal

                      Ronny Lott, Chancery Clerk

                        Randy Tucker, Sheriff

                          Old Business

                            New Business

                              Chris Gouras, Gouras & Associates

                              1. TIF Plan & Exhibits A and B
                              2. Resolution if Intent (with a Notce of Hearing attached as an Exhibit)