Madison County, Mississippi

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Madison County, MS



November 20, 2017
5:00 p.m.



    1. Approve November 6, 2017 Board Minutes


      Amy Jo Vargo

      1. Gluckstadt Road



            CONSENT ITEMS:

            1. HR - Approve Personnel Matters Click Here
            2. CHLRK - Approve 16th Section Land Lease Contracts Click Here
            3. CA - Acknowledge Response of United States Postal Service - New Mode of Mail Delivery for Developers Click Here
            4. CA - Approve Justice Assistant Grant with Mississippi Department of Public Safety and Authorize Board President to Sign Click Here
            5. CA - Authorize Applying for $16,057.51 in Allocated Funds for Solid Waste Grants under the Local Solid Waste Assistance Grant Fund Administered by MDEQ Click Here
            6. CA - Authorize Applying for Competitive Funds under the Local Solid Waste Assistance Grant Fund Administered by MDEQ Click Here
            7. CA - Acknowledge Public Meeting / Reunion Parkway Phase III Project Click Here
            8. CA - Acknowledge Pafford EMS Request to Escrow 2017 EMSOF Grant Funds Click Here
            9. CA - Acknowledge Waste Management Advertisements of Holiday Garbage Pick up Schedule Click Here
            10. CA - Approve JAG Sub-grant Application Match Waiver and Authorize Board President to Sign Click Here
            11. CA - Approve Memorandum of Understanding Establishing Permissions and Guidelines for Use of Interoperability P25 700 MHz or Mutual-Aid Radio Channels and Authorize Board President to Sign Click Here
            12. CA - Approve Signature for Justice Assistant Grant and Authorize Board President to Sign Click Here
            13. CA - Approve Travel of Vance, Norman,Taylor and Wells to Tuscaloosa, AL to View 911 Systems Demonstration
            14. PC - Approve Request to Purchase 2018 Ford Transit Connect XL Mini Cargo Van by Building & Grounds Director Danny Lee Click Here
            15. PC - Approve 2017 November Travel Card Reconciliation Report and Authorize Payment of Same Click Here
            16. PC - Approve Request to Repair Siren in Constable Mike Brown's Vehicle Click Here
            17. PC - Approve November 2017 Procurement Card Reconciliation Report and Authorize Payment of Same. Click Here
            18. IT - Approve Quote for Support Renewal on the Domain Controller and the Application Server by Metrix Solutions Click Here
            19. IT- Approve Quote for Support Renewal for ITC Systems Click Here
            20. TA - Approve 2017 Real Property Increases Signed Click Here
            21. TA - 2017 Real Property Increases Various Years & Parcels Click Here
            22. TA - Approve 2017 Homestead Exemptions Deletions Click Here
            23. TA - 2017 Real Property Increases Unsigned Click Here
            24. TA - Approve Request by The Love and Unity Church of God for Tax Exempt Status for the 2018 Tax Roll on three Parcels / 093D-20B-152, 093D-20B-153/02.00, 093D-20B-173 Click Here
            25. P&Z - Acknowledge Building Inspector Clinton Davis's Letter of Resignation Click Here
            26. SO - Approval of Tag Purchase(s) - Sheriff's Department See Attachment Notes Click Here
            27. COMP - Approval of Schedule F - End of Year Inventory Report and Authorize Filing with the Office of State Auditor Click Here
            28. RD - Approve cSpire Utility Permits / Sulphur Springs Road / Loring Road Click Here
            29. B&G - Approve Application for Payment #2, Flagstar Construction Company and Authorize Payment Therof Click Here
            30. B&G - Acknowledge Asbestos Bulk Sampling for Madison County Emergency Mangement Service Complex by Earthcon Click Here


              BUSINESS ITEMS:

                Dan Gaillett, County Road Manager / County Engineer

                1. Re-Coverage Permit / Sulphur Springs Road Click Here
                2. Camden Lake of Caroline, Phases 1, 2 and 3 Click Here
                3. Request for Acquisition Payment / Stribling Road Intersection at Catlett Road Click Here
                4. Status of County Bridges Click Here

                  Danny Lee, Building & Grounds Director

                  1. Approve Change Order #1 Flagstar Construction, Courtroom/Admin Renovation Click Here
                  2. Approve Change Order # 1, Paramout Construction, Cupola Repair Click Here

                    Shelton Vance, County Administrator

                      Buddy Voelkel, Comptroller

                      1. Approve Budget Amendments / November 20, 2017 Click Here
                      2. Approve General Claims Docket / November 8, 2017 Click Here
                      3. Approve Payroll Docket 1 / November 3, 2017 Click Here
                      4. Approve Payroll Docket 2 / November 13, 2017 Click Here
                      5. Approve Payroll Docket 3 / November 14, 2017 Click Here
                      6. Approve Planning and Zoning Commission Per diem Click Here
                      7. Approve Fleetcor Claims Docket / November 17, 2017 Click Here
                      8. Approval of Poll Worker Payments Click Here
                      9. Declare Property as Surplus and Authorize Disposal Click Here
                      10. Approve District Attorney Request for License Tag/Decal Renewal Click Here

                      Ronny Lott, Chancery Clerk

                        Randy Tucker, Sheriff

                          Old Business

                            New Business

                              Chris Gouras, Gouras & Associates

                              1. TIF Plan & Exhibits A and B Click Here
                              2. Resolution if Intent (with a Notce of Hearing attached as an Exhibit) Click Here