Mississippi law mandates that all counties operate a Central Purchasing Office.  Madison County's Purchasing Department has sole responsibility for purchasing all equipment, machinery, supplies, commodities, materials, and services used by any office or department of the County except for those offices or departments whose expenditures are not required by law to be approved by the Board of Supervisors.

It is the policy of Madison County Purchasing Department to provide all vendors with a fair, equitable, and competitive opportunity to sell equipment, machinery, supplies, commodities, materials, and services to the County.

Vendors seeking to sell to Madison County should first contact the Purchasing Department - not the office or department that will be the end user of their product or service. This process helps to ensure that the vendor has a complete understanding of the pertinent state purchasing laws as well as Madison County's purchasing policies.

A Purchase Order is required before any purchase can be made by Madison County in the amount not more than $2000. Mississippi law forbids Madison County from paying invoices from vendors who fail to secure a Purchase Order prior to placement of an order not more than $2000. It is the vendor's responsibility to obtain the Purchase Order.  After-the-fact purchase orders cannot and will not be issued by the Madison County Purchasing Department.  To read or print a copy of the Purchasing Law Summary provided by the Mississippi State Auditor's Office, click on the button labeled "Purchasing Law" located in the upper right-hand part of this web page.

For your convenience, printable copies of Madison County's Bid Notices are available on this web site by clicking on the button labeled "Bid Notices" located in the upper right-hand part of this web page.

Madison County's Purchasing Department has an open-door policy and complies with both the letter and spirit of Mississippi Open Records Act.  Any citizen or vendor is welcome to observe the operation of the department during normal business hours.  Additional purchasing information is available by telephoning 601-855-5503, via e-mail to kesha.jackson@madison-co.com, or in person from the Purchasing Department.