Where is your office located?

Canton – Main Office              Madison Branch              Flora Branch
146 West Center Street            171 Cobblestone Dr           168 Carter Street
PO Box 113                               Madison, MS. 39110          Flora, MS. 39071
Canton,  MS. 39046
Ph: 601-859-5226                     Ph: 601-856-4472              Ph: 601-879-9537    
Fax: 601-859-0322                    Fax: 601-898-0731            Fax: 601-879-8980

What are your office hours?

The Tax Collector’s Office of Madison County, Mississippi is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., except on legal holidays.

If I move to Mississippi, how long do I have to purchase a license plate?

New residents of the State have thirty (30) days after the establishment of residency in which to retitle and purchase a license plate.  After 30 days, there is a $250.00 penalty.

What is Use Tax and when do I pay it?

Use tax is the same as sales tax, but is charged on vehicles purchased out of state from a dealer at the rate of 5% on the purchase price less the trade-in.

How do I acquire a license plate or placard for handicapped persons?

The license plate and/or placards are available through an application filed and signed by your physician.

What are the costs and requirements for an antique license plate?

If the vehicle has a current plate, there is a one time cost of $26.00.  The vehicle must be 25 years old as of October of the year the plate is purchased to be considered antique. (1980 and older models with current plate effective 10/04 to 9/05.

Where is the tax sale held?

How do I calculate my property taxes?

Use the property tax estimator by clicking here.

How long do I have to purchase a license plate for a new or used vehicle purchased from a dealer before penalty applies?

You have seven (7) working days beginning with the next day after purchase.Thereafter, a 5% penalty will apply per month up to 25%.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks drawn on local banks, and debit/ credit cards.

What is the tax sale?

The Tax Collector auctions for sale all current unpaid taxes at a tax sale which is traditionally held in Madison County on the last Monday in August. After the taxes have been sold at auction, the owner of the property has two years from the date of sale to redeem the delinquent taxes, plus interest (1 1/2% per month) accrued up to that date, plus any fees charged by the Chancery Clerk.

May I pay my taxes early?

We will begin accepting tax payments the 1st day of November.

Why do my taxes increase?

Your taxes may increase because of an increase in city and/or county millage; because of a county wide reappraisal; because of loss of homestead; because of an improvement placed on your property; or,because of a special assessment, are the most prevalent reasons.

Do I lose my property if taxes are not paid on time?

A property owner has two years from the date of that years’ tax sale in which to redeem their property before a tax deed may be issued.

Are you able to tell me who paid my taxes?

You or anyone may pay your taxes.  Records are not kept of who paid your taxes.

When is the tax sale held?

The sale is held on the last Monday in August each year and begins at 8:00 A.M.

Do I have to register for the tax sale?

Yes.  Buyers who have previously participated in our sale will be sent registration forms by mail or email before the tax sale.  However, anyone may obtain a registration form from any one of our three offices for pre-registration. You may also contact C.J. Garavelli, Tax Collector, cj.garavelli@madison-co.com  for a registration form or for additional information.

When and where do I file for homestead exemption?

From January 1 through April 1 in the Tax Assessor’s Office.

What is the age limit for a taxpayer to receive special homestead credit?

65 and over.

How do I get a credit slip for my license plate, if I sell my vehicle?

Credit slips are issued on license plates brought to the office of the Tax Collector for a vehicle, which has been sold. There must be time remaining on the plate and the original credit slip may be used towards the purchase of another license plate.

When will the taxes appear in my name?

The property will appear in your name on the land roll following the year your deed was filed.  Property taxes are paid one year in arrears.

How do I retitle my vehicle if I am a new resident?

New residents must retitle their vehicle in the State of Mississippi.  If you own your vehicle outright with no lien holder, you will need your title from the other state, your registration from the other state, proof of residency in MadisonCounty, and your out of state license plate.  Whoever is listed on the front of the out of state title as owner must appear the first time to apply for aMississippi title.  If you have a lien holder, you will need your registration from the other state, the current full name and address of your lien holder, proof of residency in Madison County and your out of state license plate. If you have a lease vehicle, you will need POA from the Lease Company along with the license plate and registration from the other state.

How do I transfer my title between individuals?

You will need the original title signed by the seller or sellers as shown on the front of the title.  The buyer or buyers must be present the first time to apply for a Mississippi title.

When are my property taxes due?

Property taxes (Real or Personal) and other special assessments are due and payable by February 1, of each year.  Thereafter, a penalty of 1/2% per month accrues on any unpaid taxes until the tax sale in August of that same year.  As a courtesy of this office, your tax collector notifies the land and business owners in Madison County that their taxes are due and payable.

How may I pay my taxes?

Your taxes may be paid at any one of the three offices located in Canton, Ridgeland or Flora.  You may also pay your taxes by mail, using a check or credit card or you may payonline.

May I pay my taxes in installments?

Should you desire to make an installment payment, or partial payment, you may:

1.      Pay ½ of the total before February 1.

2.      Pay ¼ by May 1, with appropriate interest on the part you pay.

3.      Pay ¼ by July 1, with appropriate interest on the part you pay.

If I have protested the taxes assessed on my property, must I still pay the amount due?

Payment for your taxes is still due as shown on your notice.  If the assessment on your property is reduced or changed and you have overpaid, a refund will be issued.

If I have delinquent taxes due on my property, may I pay my current taxes first?

Delinquent taxes must be paid first before current taxes will be accepted.

Why are my taxes not listed in my name?

Your deed must be filed in the Chancery Clerk’s Office by December 31st of the previous year for your taxes to be listed in your name.  Property taxes are paid one year in arrears.

Why was my bill sent to the previous owner?

Property taxes are paid one year in arrears. Your deed may not have been filed within the proper time frame for the Tax Assessor to pick up on your deed for that particular land roll.

How long do I have to renew my license plate?

You have until the 15th day of the following month to renew your plate. (i.e. May is purchase month, you have until June 15th to renew without penalty.)

When is the renewal due on my license plate?

The month in which you purchased your vehicle is the renewal or anniversary date of your license plate.

Will the same criteria apply to a vehicle bought and sold between individuals?

Yes.  The difference would be the application of sales tax at the rate of 5% on vehicles less than ten (10) years old.

When are renewal notices mailed to taxpayers?

Renewal notices are mailed on the last working day of the month preceding the renewal date of your plate.  Should you not receive your notice through the mail at this time, it is your responsibility as a taxpayer to  renew your plate.

How is the cost of a license plate computed?

The VIN or Vehicle Identification Number from your vehicle is entered into the state/county computer, which pulls a value acquired by the State Tax Commission from R. L. Polk Black Book, a supplier of the Manufacturers’ Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).  This amount is multiplied times the millage rate for the area in which you reside, less the tag credit you receive in Mississippi when you purchase or renew your plate on time, plus any penalty if applicable.

What is the greatest amount of penalty you may receive on the purchase or renewal of a license plate?

The greatest amount is 25% with no legislative tag credit.

What is Legislative Tag Credit?

This is a percentage credit granted by the Mississippi Legislature in 1994 towards the purchase price of your license plate. The percentage is set each year by the Mississippi State Tax Commission.  You receive this reduction on passenger vehicles and trucks, when you purchase your plate at the proper time.

How do I pay my land taxes?

Click on Tax Collector, click on Pay Your Taxes Link.

How do I renew my car tag?

Click on the Tax Collector site and then click on Renew Car Tag

How do I get approval for a Mobile Home?

1. Check the zoning of the property first. The property must be zoned A-1 with a minimum of 2 acres.
2. Get form from the health department (601-859-3316)

  1. Take a copy of deed
  2. Pay $50 fee
  3. Plat or survey of property

3. Get permit from the Zoning Department

  1. Bring form from the health department
  2. Bring deed showing ownership or a letter from the landowner giving Permission to place the home on their property.
  3. Pay a $150 fee

4. Register your mobile home with the Tax Collector's office

  1. Take title application and sales contract
  2. Take permit from the zoning department

5. After the home has been inspected by the Madison County Building Inspector, your power cannot be turned on until you bring the approval of your septic system from the Madison County Health Department to the Madison County Permit Office.
If you have any questions please contact Bobbie Richardson at 601-855-5507

How do I estimate cost of my car tag?

Click on Tax Collector site and then click on Estimate Car Tag.